is an input ip. You can enter the interface of your modems which provide internet with ip address. So you can ensure your modem’s security and login to the administration panel. This way, your modem is completely managed according to your personal preference and settings. Therefore, it is important information. is not the only ip address. There are several more addresses like this address. These addresses you can access to the management panel vary by modem. It can also be effective not only for your modem, but also for your computer. For this reason, when receiving a modem, you should choose both your computer and your local internet speed. Finally, you should learn the IP address of this modem according to its model and type.

When we connect the internet to our home, our modems are provided to us via our operator. Therefore, the installation of these modems is also provided by an Authorized Service to be directed by our operator. But now that the restriction of internet access over a single operator has been eliminated and each of these processes is a fee-charging process, many of us provide the internet transactions ourselves.

Various internet providers allow us to use non-committal internet using the infrastructure of familiar operators. So it’s up to us to buy our modems. In such a case, it will be important to install the modem.

What Does Work For?

With the ip address, you can access information such as modem password, name, DNS and access settings, internet speed, and change settings.

The IP address of your modem is You must log in to the modem system with this ip address. Another information you need here is your username and password. To enter the router, enter the corresponding IP address in the browser and press ENTER. (All these password information is included in your modem box.)

Where To Enter IP Address

In order to reach the IP address, modem users must first open their browser via any computer. In other words, typing in the address bar of browsers such as Explorer, Chrome or Firefox will suffice. After entering this IP address, a section that says “user name and password” will appear in front of the customers. We can easily say that customers can access the modem by filling in the required information. You should also make sure that your computer is connected to the modem via a physical cable, even if you do not have an internet connection. So, if the devices such as computers or tablets are connected to the modem with yellow cable, we want to say that this address will work. However, if there is no internet problem, let’s make sure that the IP address is entered via Wi-Fi.

Look at: ip address lookup

Wireless Network

After performing this operation, the option is called wireless on the left side of the modem screen. After entering your username and password, click Save here. From the WPA + WPA2 wireless network section, this is a security type and you can choose to create and save a password again. Modem Reset

Again, the modem reset process and the modem setup process is done here. If you are unable to login from here, find the model number of your modem and call center customer service to get help. Here, one of the important things is that all the lights on the modem are lit.

Note: According to your modem model, please call the customer service number of the companies according to your model on the right side of our site.

The problem is that you need to call the customer service and ask for a new password. Certainly, the line will be eliminated and you will be able to enter the internet. You need to check and save your wired and wireless information so you can use your modem as a WiFi. You can also select your connection speed from the customer service to your modem’s interface. All information about the modem is the interface you can access. RESET

When you are finished, you must reset your modem to the Reset button on the back of the switch and wait at least 5 minutes. When you do this, all your transactions will be saved. When you turn on your modem, you can check the internet connection.

After that, networks are available when clicking on the internet port. If you know that you are connected to this network, your internet installation will automatically connect to the internet network when you have completed your transactions, such as your encryption process or changing your modem name. Your transaction will be completed successfully.

If we want to make adjustments with the IP address of the devices with android operating system, it is not necessary for each device. Some of the modems that can be processed are as follows; Apache, Airties, Asus, Aztech,D link, TP Link, Netgear, Linksys…

Modem Setup Stages

  • If the modem that we have a power button, we need to press there in the first stage. If not, our modem is connected directly to the power supply. So there is no need to take any action to turn on the modem.
  • If we have done this process in the next stage, we should wait for the three lights on our device to be lit. These lights represent Ethernet, LAN and DSL connections.
  • If these lights are fully lit (which means we should expect to be flashing), we need to enter the address of 192.168.l.l to enter the address of the modem and enter the address bar section by logging into our browser which is installed in our computer or internet connection.
  • After this process, a new screen will appear and we will be asked to enter a user name and password from us. After entering this information belonging to our device, we need to click Apply.
  • After this stage, the installation of the modem will be carried out successfully.
  • You can get help from this list if you don’t know the username and passwords required to login.