How to setup Router Admin

When you buy a new modem, firstly connect the cables of your modem correctly. First of all, get an ethernet cable and plug it into the ethernet part of the modem. Make sure you plug in all the cables. Plug the adapter in and make sure the power light is on. After that, the main important part is to enter the router interface and make the settings. You can look at ” What Does The Modem Lights Mean? .

There are 3 important information required to log into your router’s admin interface. These are the default ip address, username and password. There is a label under the modem you bought and this login information is written there.

If we write as an example, this information is generally as follows.

default ip:

default username: admin

default password: admin

First, you write the ip address, then you enter the login information and reach the main menu.

You have now reached the main menu. You can make all the necessary configurations for your router through this page.

One of the most important points here is this. You used the default information for the first login to your modem. The first thing you need to do to ensure your security is to create your own password. For this, go to the system settings and change the default password with a password that you will create yourself.

Note: I forgot the password of the router admin what can I do

In the same way, enter the wireless settings of your router. From here, create your SSID and password for wireless connection settings. The security setting you make for wifi is very important. You should choose the WPA2 security setting to prevent your password from being hacked and stolen by others.

Then you can make the settings you want to make according to your own wishes. For example, you can set parental control settings, web filtering, limit or schedule internet use through the router. You can choose the wifi channel you want to use. You have to choose the wifi channel setting according to your purpose of use. If you are going to upload, you can choose different settings if you only think about the speed.

After saying “save” all settings, restart your router. You have now completed the installation and your internet is active. Use it on good days

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