I forgot the password of the router admin what can I do

By entering the modem interface with ip address we are able to perform default settings of our mom. This information is very important, especially for the security of our internet network. When we forget our router admin password, we need to setup the modem again with the default information.

As you know, our modems provide the internet connection we use in our homes. Everybody in our house is connected to the internet through this modem. Therefore, the security of your modem is very important. Your modem’s username and password are also important. Because a company does not produce tons of new passwords. After a certain point, the passwords will start to repeat themselves. Therefore, it will not be difficult for your modem to connect people you don’t want. At this point, we use the IP address to personalize our modem settings. This IP address differs according to each modem. Therefore, your first job should be to find the appropriate IP address for your modem. If this IP address is appropriate for your modem, you can perform the following operations.

Forgot your Airties Modem Interface Password

 If you received your modem from someone else or edited your password first, reset the modem back to its factory settings. A reset button is located on the back of the modem to restore the factory settings. Press and hold this button for 10-15 seconds with a toothpick. This will restore your modem to its factory settings.

  • Type ın .1 in the website section of the browser you are using. As we said, you need to dial the appropriate IP address for your modem. If you are sure of the modem’s IP address and still have not logged in to the interface, you can open it from another browser you are using.
  • The password and the user name will appear. If you have forgotten the admin password, you can find the password of each modem on the internet. You can try to login by typing ”admin ttnet“ or ”admin password deney in the password of this ip address.
  • After logging in, we will see a button called ayar wireless settings Giriş. You can configure our settings by pressing this button.
  • There are settings that allow you to make other settings, such as the user name and password settings.
  • After you have made your settings, we can confirm and exit the page.

It doesn’t matter if you forgot your username and password as we said. Because the password and user names that will allow you to process over the interface are the same on every computer. Some computers may fail. In this case, several options are written. You can easily find your username and password by typing your IP address into your website.

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