Airties Modems

Airties is one of the varieties of modems used by almost every internet provider. In fact, the Airties modems, which are constantly improving and innovating, have managed to meet their customers with brand new modems for each feature. You can also order Airties modems via the Internet. In this context, the prices are also very convenient.

Of course, being one of the most used modem types does not mean that it does not have firewalls. The interface of Airties modems is also accessed. You must use the IP address The user name and password information of the modems vary according to the type of your Airties brand modem.

  • The user name and password sections for Airties Air 6271 are not filled. The password you need to use is the name of your provider.
  • Your user name for Airties Air 5452 is your ”admin“ password and 52 root Air.
  • User name and password information for Airties Air 5050 is not specified. It is determined by the user during the installation phase.
  • For Airties Air 5440 your user name is “admin” and your password is “1234” or “admin” .

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