What Are Mbps Modems

One of the words commonly used by everyone in everyday language is Mbps, which means everyone doesn’t know exactly what it really means. When we connect the internet to our home or get a new modem, we pay attention to the most important features are the Mbps. Because product companies always write this information on modems with huge points. So, what is this Mbps?

Mbps is a unit of measurement that shows the data transmitted within a second. The opening is the megabit bit per second in English. That means a bit per second. This word is pronounced in megabit form. We can say it’s some kind of transfer measurement unit. Well, what does this term is actually mean? So let’s go deeper under the meaning of the word megabit.

First of all, megabyte and Megabit do not mean the same. The byte is 8 bits. In this case, you will have to divide it into 8 to find how many megabytes it corresponds to when you talk about the megabit measure;

  • 1 Megabyte Is 1024 Kilobytes
  • 1 megabit is 122 kilobytes since it is data transmitted in 1 second. In other words, in 1 second 122 kilobytes of data transfer is called 1 Megabit. In this case, a modem with a speed of 100 megabits will carry 1,200 kilobytes of data in 1 second. In other words, it will eventually provide 12 megabytes of data transfer.
  • A modem with a 150 megabit will transfer approximately 18 megabytes of data in 1 second, at the end of the 18,300 kilobytes.
  • A modem with 300 megabits will transfer 36.600 kilobytes of data in 1 second and then approximately 36 megabytes of data in 1 second.

In other words, it is a term that allows you to measure the speed of your modem. But it should not be confused with modem power. Because it is another term we call “DBI” which determines the power of the modem. So, looking at megabit the power of the modem may not be much and may not satisfy as much as you think. By force, we mean a measure of the distance from which the modem can broadcast. To get a new modem, both DBI and Mbps must be evaluated together.

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