TP Link

TP link modems are the most widely used modems in the world. To enter the interface, ip address is used. Many internet provider brands choose TP Link modems especially because of the technical support they provide.To access the TP Link router interface:

Username: admin

Password: admin

You can enter the interface of the modem. You must reconfigure your modem after you reset it. I’ve written underlined to draw your attention to these parts are important.

I think that all tp link modems have a software problem, at least, this result comes from the information I gather. Either you need to change this modem or you need to reset the modem continuously.

TP link modem password replacement

Tp link modem password is quite simple to put others. I think everyone can do that with ease. When you press W + v, we are writing cm from the screen, and we say okay. Here we show you how to enter the modem interface and the code is writing.

First, we write and search for url. From here, the interface of the modem is opened. After installation, click on wlan. In this section there is a place called ssid where the wireless network name is placed. Here you can change the name of your network. Apply from here to name the name. Then click on the security section and the screen opens. Here is the password section You need to enter your new password. And when entering your new password, you should not include Turkish characters. Below you have shown the place where you need to enter the picture.

In some modems, we can see that this interface has changed. But the resulting difference is not only in the design, ie, the color is not orange, blue or the menus and the locations of the operations to be different, for example, not on the left. As a result, almost all modems must be the same settings. When you see a sample image, you can do the operations from the panel that is on your screen in order. It’s important to grab the logic. If you can’t do it again, we need customer service as usual.

TP Link Router Password Change

Now come to change our password section of your modem’s interface is opened and there are setup and quick installation options. Of course you need to click the quick setup options. Click the wireless network tab. When you click wireless security in the wireless section, you can delete and change your wireless network password in the pop-up screen. Then, when you click on Save button, your new password will be created. You need to wait a bit.

My advice is that you need to reset your modem after this operation and you have to log in to your computer with your new information. 2. or 3 times. When you reset it, you can go back to the settings at the bottom of the modem and do it again. I explained your transactions because I explained above how you can enter.

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