Zyxel, one of the contracted modems, is used by large companies. Customers are also provided by Internet providers. You can also buy from the internet with online shopping or from technology markets. These modems, which have many features, are quite compatible with fiber internet. For this reason, Zyxel modems are preferred in most of the regions where the use of fiber starts.

The IP address that will allow you to access the interface of your Zyxel modems is These modems, which are delivered to their users by internet providers, have different user name and password for this reason.

  • If you have purchased it from the internet or technology markets, the user name you use to log in to the modem interface is modem admin san and your password is ya 1234 -.
  • But if your Zyxel modems are given to you by an internet provider, your username is ere admin siz and your password is your internet provider name. For example, if you have been provided by TTNET, your password is d ttnet Örneğin. Or if you provided it by Super Online, your password is “superonline”.

Using the IP address and the information mentioned above, you can easily enter the interface.

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