Windows 8 – 10 Login to 192.xx

We have ip address from computers with Windows operating system and we will tell you how to login to this ip address. Windows 8 and Windows 10; Microsoft operating versions. Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft. The new version that was introduced after Windows 8 is Windows 10. After Windows 8, Windows 10 was bypassed. Windows 9 for those who wonder why we want to clarify this situation. In Windows 10, the options of the Start key have been increased, making them more efficient. The new version, which is easy and understandable, has been appreciated by the users.

 Now let’s see how is done in Windows 8-10. In both Windows 8 and Windows 10, you can enter the IP address ( with the instructions below.

  • After turning on your computer, you must log in to the X Control Panel asına by pressing your keyboard on the Windows + X () fn ’key between the) fn’ key) and alt Start in key in the lower left corner of your keyboard.
  • You should continue by clicking ini Network and Internet Internet on the screen.
  • Scroll through the screen to the (Network and Sharing Center ‘option.
  • Continue by clicking the ‘Change adapter settings‘ field from the categories on the screen.
  • Select the local area connection, scroll right, and click yaparak Properties sağ.
  • In Select Internet Version 4 and log in to the karşın Properties alt field.
  • The display will show the IP address. Enter your IP and DNS information from the bilgiler Use IP address IP field. The information that should be used as the IP address is
  • After saving all the operations, the settings will be applied. After you have entered the IP input to save, simply press r OK basarak to exit the screen.

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