What Does The Modem Lights Mean?

One of the tools we use most in our home is our modems. If you have purchased a modem and are looking at it, the first thing you need to know is what the flashing lights on your modems mean. Because without knowing the meaning of these lights, you will not be able to install your modem. In the same way, if your internet connection is not provided, you will also be able to understand which problem you are experiencing and you will reach the solution more easily thanks to these lights.

In this sense, let’s first give the basic information about the color of these lights: when you press the power button of your modem 3 color light can be illuminated:

• If the green light is on, there is no problem. Means you have an internet connection.
• If the yellow light is on, the internet connection is attempted. So it informs you that the connection will take place.
• If the red light is on, there is a serious problem. Because this light indicates that you don’t have an internet connection.

In addition to the color of the lights, there are also lights under which there are certain expressions. It is important that these lights are not lit rather than the color. Let’s look at the meaning of these lights if you wish:

Power: this light indicates that the modem is plugged into a power supply. This means that the modem is plugged into the socket with a simpler definition. If it does not light, the cable connections need to be checked.

ADSL: indicates that the modem is able to exchange data. If the light is not on, it means there is no connection, but if it is blinking, you should understand that the connection is established.

DSL: indicates that your internet provider is exchanging data with your modem • This means the connection between your telephone line and your modem. If this light is not on, you may suspect a failure on the connection cable.

Internet: shows whether the wireless local area network is working. If the light is on, the WLAN is working, but if it is not, you should understand that data transmission is not provided.

Wireless: indicates whether you have a wireless connection. If the light is on, you should understand that your wireless connection is active.

Ethernet: shows the connection of your wireless modem to the device. This means that the access point of your computer is connected. If the light is on, you should understand that the access point of your computer is in the connection with the cable.

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