How to Change a Modem Password from a Cell Phone

With the new devices developed by Internet providers, internet connections are provided via small modems without the need for desktop computers and we can adjust the settings of these modems via our smart phones.

Portable modems are small objects such as mobile phones. These objects, which are small enough to fit in your pocket and bag, are also very simple to use. Internet quota is limited to these modems, which can be switched on and off by pressing the Power key only. Therefore, it is a need to meet the internet of your mobile phones.

How to Change the Modem Password

One feature of your smartphones is that they can be portable modems. So it is also a portable internet provider. This feature is available on your phones as mobile access point and internet sharing center. If you want to open the Internet packages on your phones to your relatives and provide them with a kind of modem function, follow these steps.

  • First, open the mobile data of your phone.
  • Enter Settings. And press the location that says Connection Settings.
  • In Connection settings, press Connectable and the Portable Wi-Fi area or Internet Access Point. This activates this feature. Mobile Access Point or Network Sharing Center or Portable Wifi Hotspot. All of these may vary depending on your phone, model and brand of your phone. But it is a feature found on almost every smartphone.
  • You will be asked for the Network Name you want to use for this network that you will use as a modem. Enter the name you specified. Then enter the password with at least eight characters requested from you. You have to enter your password to connect to this network. You also have the chance to show the characters.
  • You can change this password at any time by applying the same procedure. At the same time, when you forget your Wifi password, you can also make the password in this field visible. So you don’t have to change the password constantly

As a result, your phone will be a portable modem. And the people you allow will be able to use this internet with your password.

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