Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080p – SETUP

Xioami Mi Home Security Cameras are one of the most preferred wifi cameras in the world. Although the setup and settings are not too difficult, some help may be needed. On our page, we will talk about the setup, features and settings of your device, as well as some of the problems you may experience and their solutions. First of all, let’s get to know our device a little, let’s learn what the lights on the device mean. Because these lights will guide us in installation and errors.

You can mount your device flat or upside down on the wall.

Indicator Lights

Blue light is steady: The device is working stably and properly.
Blue light flashing: There is an error in the connection
Orange light blinking slowly: Usually indicates that the update is in progress for firmware upgrades.
Orange light flashes fast: The device is connecting or pairing. When the speed returns to normal, it means the device has been successfully paired. If the connection is broken or pairing cannot be achieved, reset your device and try the operation again.

Step by Step Mi Home Security Camera 360 Installation

Step 1: First of all, download the Mi home application from the Play Store and Apple soter market and install it. You can log in to your Mi account using your e-mail address and phone number.

Step 2: A + sign will appear at the top right of the application. Tap on Add this device. The app will search for your camera and list it to you. From here, it will automatically identify your device, if you want, you can specify it manually. See the image below.

Step 3: Now it’s time to reset the device. Plug in the camera, it will spin around and complete its calibration, then press the reset button until the orange light flashes.

Step 4: Click “next” in this section and select your home Wi-Fi network among the listed wifi networks. Note that both your phone and camera must be connected to the same wireless network. Now Mi Home app will give you a QR code. It takes some time to scan this code. Turning up the brightness of the phone a little is to your advantage. When the camera is successfully scanned, the LED turns blue and installation begins. You add the device to your wifi network. And you choose your room, that’s it, the installation has been completed successfully. After that, you can watch your room live through the application on the phone.

Xioami Mi Home Camera Settings

1) Sleep Mode:

When the camera is recording continuously, the SD card, that is, the memory card, may fill up quickly. For this, you can activate the sleep mode for when you do not want to use the camera actively. You can even activate the sleep mode whenever you want with a certain calendar.

2) Motion Detection Settings and Night Vision

One of the best features of the Mi home security camera is the motion detection feature. You can adjust the sensitivity through the application. If you increase the sensitivity too much, it will warn you by being affected by even the slightest wind or fly at home. You can enable it to give you a notification or message by adjusting its settings through the application.

As night vision, thanks to its infrared feature, it can take color shots for you at night. By selecting the full color switch to set it, you turn on low-light color capture and recording.

Wifi IP Camera Problems and Solutions

Night vision of my IP Camera is not good

If your camera’s night vision is not good, most likely the light sensor of the Mi 360 camera is defective. Parts should be replaced by going to the technical service. Here’s how you can test if the sensor is faulty. Unplug the device and plug it back in. If the image is still dark at night, contact the service

  • I can’t open mi home ip camera
  • My camera is recording purple
  • My camera cannot connect with the phone, etc.

This is a simple solution to the problem that can happen on all devices. Your device is out of charge, you have to charge it again. There is nothing else to do. The steps to be taken in all problems that may arise are already clear.

  1. Turn the device off and on again.
  2. Make sure the device software is at the latest version, if not, update it.
  3. Reset and start over
  4. If the problem is not resolved, take it to the technical service.

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